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According to Maggie Thatcher, British Prime Minister in the eighties "There is no such thing as society".

Whether or not society and community are the same, one thing is certain; fewer people today are engaged in traditional social groupings - the extended family, the village, the church - than ever before in human history.

The individual has become king and alongside this phenomenon has come consumerism, materialism and an increase in social and physical disorders.

Just as the physical body of man has been riven worldwide AIDS (Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome) so it begins to seem like society is suffering from CAIDS  (Community Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

The importance and idea of community however continues to excite our imagination often as nostalgia for the past but also increasingly through brave attempts to consciusly create something new outside the bounds of tribe, nation, ethnic grouping or family.

The new generation of communites have experimented with combining social economic and cultural spheres, often incorporating the glue of service to others (e.g. in religious communities and in communities caring for people with learning disabilities like Camphill or L'Arche Communities)

Future health, health which involves social, economic and cultural health as well as physical health, perhaps needs to recognise community as the vehicle for doing this. Please let us have your thoughts comments, videos, podcasts and resistance!

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