Use of mindfulness-meditation in pain & illness

This weekend of Mindfulness training aims to introduce the use of Mindfulness in Chronic Pain and Illness of any type, physical or mental.
The programme is based on the practice of mindfulness, which is progressively explored over the weekend, providing an introduction to a tool kit of resources which individuals can apply to their daily life.
This is a stand alone course or a taster for a full 8 week course which we will be running in autumn 2013.

We normally react to pain and illness as unpleasant sensations which in its turn cause further problems and difficulties both physically and emotionally.
We can train ourselves to reduce or overcome this reactive vicious cycle, thus enabling ourselves to choose our responses towards a more creative and well-balanced life.
As well as the theoretical basis, the Mindfulness techniques we will explore include:

  • Breath Awareness: learning to use breath as an aid to managing pain, stress and illness.

  • Body Scan: this helps us to become more aware of the body and more at ease with it.

  • Mindfulness of Breathing:  a meditation practice that develops awareness of our experience in the present moment.

  • Kindly Awareness: a meditation practice that opens up the way our suffering  can give us a deep sense of connection with others, rather than leaving us feeling isolated.

The Facilitators
The course is co-led by Nicholas Bateson and Farhad Emad, both certified trainers with Breathworks organisation.
We request a payment of £20 as a contribution towards the costs of this course.
If you want to participate or have any questions please contact one of us byend of May:
Farhad Emad:  01947 810343       
Nick Bateson:  01947 810438       NGBateson@aol.com  

Please note:                                  

  • Group size is limited to eight people

  • Tell us anything we need to know about your condition so we can support you during the course

For further information about Breathworks organisation:


tel: 01947 603456

This event is supported by The Dispensary.
The Dispensary is a Community Interest Company.

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