The Art of Goal Setting Workshop 28th January


Karin Laudin’s, latest adventure was cycling 500 miles from Vietnam to Cambodia for charity. This journey, across landscapes of staggering beauty began as the spark of a dream. Karin understood how to coax that spark into a flame and turn it into reality.

We all have dreams. For some of us they may seem unattainable, when in reality they are well within our grasp.

Karin now works as a life coach from her business in Guisborough with an international clientele. Her clients have written heartfelt testimonials to her skill recorded on Karin’s website, www.karinlaudin.com  for example, “Karin’s approach is calm, intelligent, reflective and powerful.”

Karin is running The Art of Goal Setting a workshop at The Moors Centre at Danby, using proven techniques to help us decide what we want in our lives and turn our dreams into reality. Goal setting is not just about work; health, both physical and mental, our social and spiritual needs, relationship, exercise, food, travel and interests are also important. These, when considered together, make for a fulfilled life.

The Art of Goal Setting, The Moors Centre Danby, 28 January 2017 14:00-16:00, £20:00 (Includes tea and coffee). Places on a first come basis. Bring curiosity, excitement and pen and paper. See poster for booking details or call / text Karen Ritson on 07900 496923, email lifegoalsworkshop@yahoo.com or call in and see Lucy or James at The Futurehealth Store, 25 Skinner Street, Whitby. YO21 3AH.

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