Tai Chi Qigong Workshop Sat 20th June 11-2

Tai Chi Qigong Workshop with Master Joe Lok in Whitby 20th June at Whitby Pavilion, West Cliff, Whitby. YO21 3EN.

Master Joe Lok is delivering a workshop on Holistic Health Healing Qigong in Whitby on Saturday 20th June 11 -2.
Master Lok  is 20th inheritor of the Dragon Gate Taoist tradition & founder of the Natural Energy Academy.

"A wonderful opportunity for anyone in the Whitby area with an interest in movement therapies, tai chi & qigong, holistic wellbeing and Taoist philosophy.
A three hour hands on workshop with a world renowned master of the Chinese internal arts, learning the gentle but deeply nourishing movements of the Phoenix In Graceful Clouds of Blessing' Qigong system."

Beginners and advanced learners are welcome and will find the workshops enjoyable and rewarding.

To book call  Wes on 0773-0133-068 / email equinoxtaichi@gmail.com 

Wes is a Registered Advanced level instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain



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