Mindfulness Based Living Course in Whitby & Scarborough

Mindfulness practice allows us to bring our attention more fully into the present moment. Being more mindful can help us to manage stress more effectively. It can also help us to make more positive choices in our life and work.

Most of us spend much of our time dwelling in the past or worrying about the future - by being more mindful of the present moment we can live our lives more fully and increase our happiness.

This eight week course is structured to deliver a number of simple techniques and practices for you to use in your daily life. This is a secular course that is suitable for people from any religion or for those of no religion.

Course facilitators

Tricia Griffin and Hazel Ettridge are friends and have worked together previously to deliver courses on Well Being and Resilience.

Hazel Ettridge is an experienced trainer with a background in Theatre and Education. She has had a regular meditation practice for over 40 years and has been practising Mindfulness since 2004. Her Mindfulness training began at the Vipassana centre in Kathmandu, she has since trained with the Centre for Mindfulness Research at the University of Bangor and with the Mindfulness Association. She recently completed the Mindfulness Teaching Skills training with the Mindfulness Association.

Tricia Griffin has a background in complementary healthcare, adult education and training. She was a homeopath in private practice for 20 years and taught homeopathy in several UK colleges. She has been interested in meditation since her degree in Psychology in 1970 and has explored various meditation practices since then. She trained in Mindfulness and Compassion with the Mindfulness Association and recently completed their Mindfulness Teaching Skills Training.

Venue Whitby: Flowergate United Reform Church (side entrance), Flowergate, YO21 3BA

Venue  Scarborough: Friends Meeting House, Quaker Close, Woodlands Drive, YO12 5QZ

Dates for Whitby: Introduction Tuesday 4th September, followed by 8 Tuesday evening sessions 7.00 – 9.00 pm (break 2 October), and a follow up session in December.          

Dates for Scarborough: Introduction Wednesday 5th September, followed by 8 Wednesday evening sessions 7.00 – 9.00 pm (break 3 October), and a follow up session in December.

There will also be a ‘retreat style’ full day of practice in October.

Cost: £150 if paid in advance or two payments of £85 if paying after 4th/ 5th September.

Concessions may be available. If you would like to attend this course but you cannot pay the full amount, please speak to either Tricia or Hazel at the introductory session.

For further information contact Tricia on 01947 606189 or Hazel on 07842778140                

Also see: Mindfulness Association: www.mindfulnessassociation.net

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