Dog Homeopathy Story!

Its always great to hear a good story...

James recieved this in his inbox the other day and thought it was only right to share it with you all! Take a read:

Dear James,

               I was glad to be on hand for the Post Office this afternoon. It was really quite a photogenic turnout after all.

 Yes, Lyuba my Border Collie (from Roy Biggins' farm in Lastingham) is 12 years old and she suffered basically from the endless cold and damp of last winter.  When you look up her symptoms in the books it's called "muscular rheumatism", which people can also get from a cold and damp winter.  She was also jealous of her 2-year old puppies, and so exacerbated things by falling into a very sorry state.  She couldn't use her back legs and was in a really bad way, skin and bones, when my wife in Rosedale - who I'm separated from - handed her over to me in April.  She had tried the other 2 homeopathic remedies on her but to no effect, and suggested I get hold of Black Cohosh remedy, Cimicifuga racemosa 6X.

This is when I called in on you and Lucy at The Dispensary, and was able to order a £6.50 bottle of 125 tablets of Weleda Actaea racemosa 6C. Next day, in my van at Brow House Farm in Goathland, I opened the bottle and knocked out one tablet into the cap and, being careful not to touch the tablet myself, opened Lyuba's jaws with one hand and with the other flipped the tablet from the cap right to the back of her mouth. I then closed her mouth and massaged until she swallowed. And then the magic started to happen. 

Something that's 6C means that the original ingredients - the Black Cohosh in this case - has, for six times, been diluted by 100.  Over all this means it's diluted by 6x10^12, or by one trillion!!! By mainstream thought, nothing can possibly result.

Well, after thirty seconds Lyuba opened her eyes wide and looked up at me, and she started to waggle her bum and wriggle about. I opened the door of my van and she made to get out. I put a sling round her waist (a money pouch) and we got out, and started walking her with the sling down the camp site field.  After only ten yards I realized she was actually walking by herself, so I let go the sling and she just kept walking, very shakily, all the way down to the bottom of the camp site, about a 120 yards.  It was like Lazarus.  At the bottom of the field I suddenly remembered my camera back at the van and told her to stay while I fetched it.

The jpeg pictures I enclose show two pictures of how she was before the homeopathic treatment - confined to lying on her blanket - and then in sequence, the 5 minutes or so after that very first pill. I continued giving her pills, for the first ten days, three times a day, then slowly down to one a day until I started forgetting to administer them. I still have six left.  After the first day, I started walking her every day, at first round the campsite, then up onto the moors for 5 minutes, and after a couple of weeks an hour's walk over the Goathland moors. Last week we walked from Goathland to Sleights and back, about 12 miles. (The last picture in the sequence of attachments is from that walk - the fire beacon above Sleights with Lyuba in the lower right corner.)

 I've shown this sequence of photos to quite a few campers at the camp site this summer, telling them about The Dispensary.  A couple of people have commented that this remedy can't be "placebo" if this happened to a dog. Yes, indeed.

I well remember the huge controversy over the dilution experiments of the French immunologist Jacques Benveniste back in the '90s.  The theoretical background of all this is starting to be researched. Do you know of Dr. Mae Wan Ho and her monthly magazine ISiS, The Institute of Science in Society?  I think you would be very interested.  Her magazine's web page is


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