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Holistic, Natural, Complementary, Alternative health are many names for what is now a huge business worldwide. For some it is just another luxury product of our consumer society. 

For millions of people though it's a return to common sense. For many, the time has come to take back responsibility for our own health and trust again in a more natural way.

Naturally, there are many ways to natural health. It may be through healthy food, natural health products (supplements, herbal medicines, apiceuticals), healthy lifestyle, treatments which relate to a natural rebalancing of the body's systems like acupuncture, chiropractic or ostepathy or through energy therapies like homeopathy, flower remedies or spiritual healing.

Modern scientific medicine is rediscovering not the simplicity of natural medicine but its complexity. Science is finally reuniting with nature. Natural therapies are undergoing a rennaisance of credibility as science investigates products and therapies because they work.

Please tell us what future health means for you whether that be a comment on the discussion or by downloading a document, video or podcast.

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