Reiki was discovered in the last century by Dr Mikao Usui who was the principal for a Christian boys' school in Japan. He was also a minister.  He went on what one might call a religious journey where he founded the principles of reiki.

Reiki is done in a comfortable, relaxing space which is warm and quiet.  The clients start by lying on their backs, then turn onto their stomachs, while the therapist proceeds to touch them using appropriate Reiki hand positions.  Usually after a few minutes relaxation gently enters as the energy begins to flow.  The practitioner works from the head down the trunk to the coccyx, then balances the chakras into the heart centre, revitalising the energy.

Reiki treatment usually takes 1-1 1/2 hours.


  • Reiki Association of Great Britain
    Cornbrook Bridge House
    Clee Hill
    SY8 3QQ

    Tel: 01584 890284

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