Nutritional Therapy

The importance of nutrition is widely recognised and many sciences apply themselves to it.  However, the importance of nutrition on human health is not so widely known.

There are a wide variety of nutritional approaches and there is no one right approach to nutrition (at least it hasn't been defined yet). Difference in opinion as to what consitutes a healing intervention through diet has only lead to public confusion and lack of acceptance by the medical profession.

In health, a good diet allows the maintenance and enhancement of a state of well-being.  In disease, diet can become a powerful intervention to counteract deficiencies or to support the body and the immune system by supplying high quality 'building blocks' which are essential for gaining health.

Basic constituents of a healthy diet:-

1) Plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables,unrefined grains.  These supply vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are essential for a myriad of processes in the body.

2) Only a moderate intake of fat, sugar, salt and protein

3) Produce organically grown withoutthe use of artificial fertilisers or pest control

4) The less processed food, the better. If processed foods are eaten, they should be carefully selected, having readthe list of ingredients to identify and avoid preservative and foodadditives which may be harmful.

5) Variety in the diet e.g. by eating fruit and veg in season.

6) Enjoy it! - relax and don't rush!

Supplementation is now often needed because our demands are increasing - including more stress, pollution, while nutrition from our diets are decreasing (impoverished soil after years of intense agriculture).  Our bodies have stayed the same so supplementation is needed. Even organic food does not necessarily provide enough vitamins and minerals. This is because even though there may be no pesticides or chemicals, the soil quality is still poor.

Supplements are also very good for dealing with specific deficiencies/problems.


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