The iris of the eye is a complex structure ofthe body providing a microchip of information.  Whereas an ophthalmologist or medical doctor will look inside the eye to see the vascular system exposed on the retina, an iridologist will look at the external nerve endings which make up the iris. Over 2800 nerve fibres, all of which are connected to the brain via the hypothalamus, represent the conditions of all the structures in the organism through an optic-neural reflex.  Indeed, the iris fibres in the foetus are originally part of the brain and extend out on the iris stalk as development progresses.

Iridology is safe, non-invasive and inexpensive method of diagnostic analysis.  It can be integrated with both orthodox and complementary medicine. Iridology is a universal language, common to all living things. As the bodily tissues become less inflamed or toxic, the iris registers the treatment response and the healing process


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