Healing and Dowsing

Any procedure that helps to restore a diseased person to wholeness or health can properly be referred to as healing but nowadays this term is usually reserved for spiritual healing, distant healing or the laying on of hands. Western medicine has for fifty years been totally preoccupied with the chemical and physical mechanisms at work within the body, as if it were a machine that had made itself. No design engineer would make that mistake: he is well aware that a machine has to be thought of, drawn up and specified in advance so that a construction engineer can build it.

There then have to be manuals for operating and maintaining the machine, aswell as a catalogue of spare parts. All of these would be over and above the machine itself, which could not be sensibly used without reference to them. Your body is like that too. A blue-print of its perfect form is evolved by your ‘self’ in step with your growth and as a guide for repairs after injury or illness. What delays physical healing or makes it go wrong is smudging or faintness of this blue-print. No amount of medicine can ever put that right: you need the kind of help that will erase smudges and make the blue-print bolder and clearer.

Spiritual healing is one of the means available. We are all capable of it because we all maintain ourselves in perfect running order for most of the time during most of our lives, and every parent unconsciously soothes and consoles a hurt child by touching them lovingly. Some people however are especially gifted in this respect and are able to place their gifts at the disposal of others who cannot for the moment heal themselves.

Most of these people have practised their gifts to perfect them and many join with other healers to understand their gifts better. Many have a religious conviction, seeing God as the source of the healing power: it certainly does not come from the healer but through him or her.

There is no need to challenge patients with religion when they are in need, although it is not unreasonable for healers to declare their belief without pressurising their patients to accept it. Nor is it necessary for the patient to believe in the healer’s methods in order for healing to work. On the other hand, the specific healing effect to be expected cannot be ordered in advance by patient or healer. The result of a healing session may seem to be anything froma miraculous cure to nothing at all.

Dowsing is detection of the blueprints in nature either by direct instincts or sensations or else through an implement like a hazel twig, bent metal rods or a pendulum. The dowser bears in mind what he is looking for, or mentally asks a question in plain language. The implement (or his fingers) respond with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ signal that the dowser has learned to recognise. He must not wish a particular answer upon himself and has of course to ask sensible questions in the first place.

Some healers use a pendulum or other implement to send healing as well as receive information. Radionics is, we believe, a specialized form of dowsing which uses electronic implements instead of simple mechanical ones. The patient is identified in the machinery by some token — a coil of hair, a drop of urine — and healing influence can be sent to them uniquely over any distance, rather like messages to a car telephone. There is a well organised system of radionics practitioners and tutors so that a reputable practitioner should be easy enough to find.

What to do

1. Recognise first that how you think of people and how you touch them matters, whether they know your thoughts or not. Silent healing and prayer are virtually identical. Always be consciously positive, generous and loving in your thoughts and actions towards other living things.

2. Realise that healing is not a slave: the healer is its servant. Its effects and benefits may not be what you have in mind for yourself, since you may need something you do not yet want. Never approach a healer with a specific objective in mind: ask only for help to receive what is best for you.

3. Healing and curing are not the same. In particular, healing will not necessarily save you from death since yourblue-print may no longer have the energy available to rally your body back to sustainable form and function. Healing will however alter your outlook and objectives and help you to face whatever is inevitable, including death.

4. Do not dabble in healing on the cheap. If you want the services of a healer, approach the Confederation of Healing Organisations (113 Hampstead Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 7JN) for the addresses of reputable healers in your neighbourhood.

5. Radionic practitioners can be identified similarly by approaching The Radionic Association, 16A North Bar, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 0TF.

6. If you feel that you have healing skills that you would like to develop and learn more about, contact The College of Healing, Runnings Park, Croft Bank,West Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 4BP.

7. For further reading start with Healing by Bruce MacManaway and Johanna Turcan, published by Thorsons in 1983.


  • The British Society of Dowsers
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    Tamley Lane
    TN25 5HW

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