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Medicine has in the course of this century become locked onto chemical drugs and surgery as the main tools of treatment, so that doctors find it increasingly difficult to take any other mode of healing seriously. Edward Bach was exceptional. His caring nature, powerful intuition and acute observation broke with established medical principles and invented a trulypopular system of remedies that anyone can use.

He qualified in medicine in London in 1912, having been an exceptionally ardent and perceptive student. He noticed many things that his teachers passed over because he based his studies entirely on observations of patients rather than on books. Whereas his teachers chose ‘cases’ to illustrate book theories, Bach’s studies showed him how often the actual experience of the illness altogether defied the theories

In particular, the treatment recommended for a particular disease cured by nomeans all the patients it was prescribed for - yet it would often heal other patients with similar temperaments but entirely different diseases! Bach came to the conclusion that ‘the personality of the individual was of even more importance than the body in the treatment of his disease’.

This conclusion drew Bach’s attention towards immunity and as Assistant Bacteriologist at University College Hospital he was able to study in detail the way in which chronic disease patients handled infections. He noticed in particular how certain germs, harmlessly present in the bowels of healthy people, seem to multiply unopposed in chronic disease of any kind. He came to believe that intestinal toxaemia was the real cause of chronic disease and prepared a vaccine against the bacteria, which produced spectacular results.

Circumstances eventually forced him to pursue his researches privately, so that he was free to explore the links between his own work and homoeopathy. Preparing his vaccines by homoeopathic methods very much improved their effectiveness and safety, and his diagnostic methods concentrated increasingly on the whole patient rather than on his body alone. He became much sought-after, but increasingly unhappy that his work was not readily available to the mass of humanity.

In 1928 he left the private clinic he had founded to reflect quietly, aiming to simplify his system of treatment even further. His intuition predominated now, and he led the life of a solitary wandering mystic. During the eight years left to him he found what he was seeking, in the flowers of thirty eight herbs. He would dissolve the best specimens from a healthy plant in a bowl of spring water drawn nearby, under the sunlight of a cloudless day. Their healing vitality dissolved into the water, which he preserved in brandy. Tinctures of these 38 remedies will last for years, and are used sparingly a few drops at a time.

Bach himself was a powerfully charismatic man and must have healed many people more by spiritual than herbal power. But his legacy of remedies proved equally effective in the hands of very ordinary people and offers many safe treatment possibilities where modern medicine cannot. In our experience they are particularly effective for children and animals. Learn the simple principles of choosing and using them and you have at your disposal the best general home remedy kit available.

What to do

1. Write to Bach Flower Remedies Ltd, Dr E. Bach Centre, Mount Vernon, Sotwell, Wallingford, Oxford OX10 0PZ, England for their free leaflet and order form. They produce the whole range of flower remedies in various forms. We recommend their boxed kit containing a small dropper bottle of each flower tincture. With some clean empty dropper bottles, a glass bottle of still spring water (Malvern, Buxton and Highland Spring are readily available) and a description of the remedies, you are ready to go.

2. If you want to choose a remedy from a list of descriptions try not to be intellectual about it: that way you’ll probably think you need a dozen of them! Browse through until your eye lights on the one that makes you feel ‘Aha— found it!" A reflective frame of mind opens you up to inspiration, which is what you need.

3. Try not to choose more than two or three flower tinctures per remedy: apart from anything else it means you are not seeing the problem clearly. However you can mix up to six in one remedy if you really feel you need to.

4. If you can dowse you may well find this a good way of choosing remedies, for yourself or for others. Practise a good deal first, and check the written descriptions for the chosen flowers afterwards: you gain confidence if they make sense.

5. Use two drops of the chosen flower tincture(s) whatever size bottle you put it in: quantity is not critical. Diluted with spring water the remedy will retain its potency for about three weeks, waning gradually. The dose is four drops taken in a teaspoon of water and held in the mouth, savouring it for a few seconds like good wine. Take four doses daily at regular intervals for 5-10 days.

6. If you complete one course of treatment and feel you want some more, do not assume that you will need the same remedy. Your frame of mind will have changed: choose a fresh.

7. Rescue Remedy is a combination of five flowers that are all associated with recovery from shock. You can safely use this immediately after shock or injury without stopping to 'choose’ it. Put a drop of neat tincture on the tongue of an unconscious patient, and two drops in half a glass of water for them to sip while recovering. You can apply Rescue Cream direct to injured parts of the body. Take four doses daily at regular intervals for 5-10 days.

Examples (in brief)

 -BELL HEATHER (Erica cinerea): STABILITY,self confidence.  Bell Heather helps to access inner strength andresolve to stand one's ground after stress, trauma or conflict.

-DAISY (Bellis perennis): INNOCENCE,grace.  Daisy allows us to remain calm and centred amid turbulentsurroundings or overwhelming situations, creating a safe soace in which tobe vulnerable.

-THISTLE (Cirsium heterphyllum): COURAGE, self empowerment.  Thistle helps us to find true courage in times of adversity and to respond with positive action. 


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