Sickness and Diarrhoea

What and Why? 

The climate of your intestines on a good diet (see food for health) is remarkably stable considering the various foods and moods with which it has to cope. But it can be upset by a binge and routine dietary lapses undermine it permanently. This leaves you much more susceptible to changes in water (see water), emotional tension (see tension), unwisely mixed foods (see digestion) or small doses of dirt and germs that would not otherwise upset you.

Small children are more readily affected anyway because they have only just got their intestines fully operational and easily make mistakes. Colds (see colds), fever (see fever) and catarrh (see catarrh) may consequently upset them but not affect adults.

When the climate goes wrong digestion is automatically upset, making foul messes and wind (see wind) by accident. Reaction to sickness and diarrhoea is a sensible part of the cure, designed to get rid of the mess quickly. To suppress it immediately undermines recovery. But you cannot afford to let it run on for long in a child as you could in yourself; thrush may get established and be difficult to dislodge (see thrush).

In pregnancy the situation is different. Until your placenta takes over by about the four month stage, the hormones that maintain your pregnancy come from the ovary that made the egg which is becoming your baby. If you have had time to do your pregnancy preparation well, you can cope (see preparing to conceive); otherwise slightly unbalanced hormone growth may unsettle the part of your hormonal and nervous system which regulates your intestines and appetite. You may vomit or feel sick regularly until that settles.

Travel is the other common situation that makes people feel sick. This can happen to anyone whose sense of balance is sufficiently over-stimulated, though some are much more easily affected than others. You acclimatize eventually but this only applies to long voyages at sea.

What can I do?

Advice to maintain and maximise health


1. Let a sick child’s intestines rest. Accept his lack of appetite, but offer Recovery Juice recipe  in small sips at body temperature, well washed round his mouth before he swallows it. Be content if he manages half a glass in an hour; do not rush him. Rest in bed with a hot water bottle on his stomach is soothing; anxiety, chill or activity aggravates the condition.

2. Once he can keep this down without nausea, progress to home-made Lemon Barley Water recipe which replaces lost minerals, and gives easily digestible energy. This may be necessary for a day or two while any unhelpful colonies of germs or yeasts are starved down to manageable size.

3. Appetite will return before the diarrhoea stops. Stewed apple is a good first meal, sweetened only with raisins. Live yoghurt (see recipes for health) eaten with it provides a vigorous colony of helpful germs that combat thrush and helps re-establish healthy digestion, especially of milk.

4. Now you can add other fresh washed fruit and vegetables including potato, according to appetite. Cereals, rice and wholemeal bread follow.

5. After that eggs, fish, milk and soft cheese should come easily in small portionse. Poultry, hard cheese and meat should come last as they tax digestion the most.


1. Avoid getting weary, angry or flustered. Rest often to let these moods pass, with fresh air on your face. Practise sound breathing and exercise gently (see exercise). Homoeopathic Ipecacuanha 6, 30 or higher may help ease nausea and is entirely safe for your baby (see homoeopathy).

2. Eat lightly and often; fresh fruit, plain buttered wholemeal toast, a small coleslaw, a baked potato. Avoid coffee, tea, rich confectionery and alcohol.


1. Eat as the preceding paragraph before and during your journey. Avoid smoke, fatty smells and the company of seasick travellers. Keep still and warm, in gently moving fresh air and in sight of the horizon.

On car journeys take an interest in the sights and stop regularly to stretch your legs and fill your lungs. An ionizer inside or an earthing strap outside may help to reduce the problem, or even eliminate it (see electricity & disease).

2. Try homoeopathic Cocculus Indicus 3 or Petroleum 3, 8 hourly beforehand and 2 hourly during the journey. Crystallised root ginger is an excellent alternative, taken at intervals during the journey as confectionary.

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