Natural First Aid



Try to limit the swelling by sprinkling with cold water for ten minutes or more. Then apply Arnica Ointment and a firm pressure bandage; re-apply this combination twice daily. If the pain and stiffness has not begun to improve by the third day, consult your doctor or Hospital Accident Department.

Burns and Scalds

Immediately sprinkle with cold water from a shower or immerse in a basin of cold water for 20 minutes, whilst any other help is sent for.


Don’t panic! Try each of these in turn until you succeed in dislodging the obstruction:

  • Bang the subject firmly between the shoulder-blades with the flat of your hand.
  • Bang them with both hands at once, one on their breast-bone and one between their shoulder-blades. (Or turn a small child upside down, body against your chest, and bang them on the back again.)
  • If they become unconscious lie them face down and bang down repeatedly on their back with both hands, as suddenly and forcefully as you can.


Wash out dust with warm milk in an eye bath (a tumbler will do). Pulling your upper lid down over the lower will sometimes get out grit stuck to it. For anything else, see your doctor or Hospital Accident Dept.


Drink lots, eat little — Lemon Barley Water is excellent. Belladonna 6 and Aconite 6 are homoeopathic remedies to try.


Loosen clothing around the neck and lie the subject flat with legs supported higher than body. Make sure they are breathing freely; if not, turn their head to one side with their chin well up until they do, or use the last 2" (5cm) of a spoon handle to hold their tongue down and forwards. When they awaken proceed as for shock, and get them back on their feet by gradual stages. If the colour drains from their face again, lie them down once more. A warm drink, or two drops of Bach Rescue Remedy in water, is very helpful.

After fractures, dislocations, sprains

Comfrey tea (or two tablets) taken three times daily for a month will speed the healing of any fracture, but get it properly set and immobilised first. Take 500mg extra Vitamin C each time.


Garlic is the great remedy for all respiratory ailments, especially catarrh. Just suck a clove, complete with its outer skin, for two hours night and morning; a single clove will last up to two days. Vitamin C 1gm hourly or homoeopathic Aconite 6 two tablets hourly often staves off trouble if taken at the first sign of it. Red sage tea is a splendid gargle for sore throats.


Comfrey tea, ointment or tablets will speed the healing of any part. Calendula ointment will cause grazes and cuts to skin over faster than otherwise. See bruises.


Pinch the soft parts of your nose together firmly for 20 mins. If these happen often take Vitamin C 500mg with Rutin 50mg, three times daily for a month to toughen your blood vessels.


Keep warm and quiet; try not to fidget restlessly. Take one of the following:

  • Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy: put two drops of stock solution in half a tumbler of water and sip it slowly, savouring every drop... or
  • Arnica homoeopathic, strength 6c or 30c: without handling the pill or tablet place one dose in your mouth, directly from the package lid. Hold it there for thirty seconds before swallowing it. Do not mix it with food or drink.


First try to limit the swelling by direct pressure along the line of the sprain for six minutes; this can prevent 90% of the inconvenience of a sprain. Then proceed as for bruises.

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