What and Why?

Migraine is a very particular and severe kind of headache which occurs repeatedly at irregular intervals according to the same pattern, and to which some people are inherently prone. Each attack is foreshadowed by a tense, irritable mood which may build up to characteristic warning symptoms; these give way suddenly to terrific heat and tension in the head, often confined to one side. This attack disables for hours or a day, before gradually subsiding. Once experienced, it is unmistakeable.

The naturalistic physicians of fifty years ago had much better ideas about its cause than prevail today. They studied the way your blood deals with waste acids from metabolic breakdown of meat and other foods, which can only be cleared from your tissues through your blood to your kidneys if there is enough alkali (like bicarbonate) to dissolve them in. All is well if your food provides plenty of alkali, and little that will turn to acid when digested; your blood then has plenty of surplus alkali to pick up the waste acids from metabolism and carry them safely to your kidneys.


Problems causing migraines

Problems arise from two sources. If you eat a lot of meat, eggs, and meat stock you make a lot of waste acid and to dissolve it you need all the alkali your blood can hold; but blood bloated with waste acid, even safely dissolved, irritates the vessels it passes through. They open up but the circulation only slows down, clogging your tissues with waste-laden blood; fresh air cannot get through the traffic jam however well you breathe. This condition makes you feel ill and sluggish, and may cause chronic varicose veins, piles, sinusitis, gallstones, heavy periods, epilepsy, angina or cramp if it becomes a habit.

During migraine, you seek relief for your discomfort and may find it in coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, headache tablets, or smoking. That is your second mistake. These stimulants work because they are acids themselves, but with a keener appetite for alkali than the waste acids can muster. So the wastes are dumped from solution, their places taken by the stimulants. With no waste acids in your blood you feel much better, a new person. But they are still being formed by metabolism and have to be excreted somehow, otherwise they would build up in your tissues and eventually cause rheumatism or arthritis. Meanwhile they take every opportunity to get out of there into your bloodstream again, which gets you back to where you were; you take another dose of stimulant to make you feel better again. If you have migraine you cannot get away with this.

The tension between stimulant acids and waste acids builds up and your reserves of alkali fall; you pass lots of clear urine with no waste acid in it. Your blood vessels pick up the tension and cringe so that your warning symptoms start. Eventually the storm breaks, waste acids pour into your blood in spite of everything and relax the vessels again: an attack has begun. In your kidneys the sluggish blood flow reduces the urine formed, but now it is loaded with waste acids. For a time they can get out, as in health they must.

Migraine is a safety valve you should be glad to have. It gives you early warning of your mistake before it can build up chronic illness that would wither you away and take you much longer to get rid of. Above all it does what no minor symptom can - impress you enough to do something radical about it.


What can I do?

Advice to maintain and maximise your health

1. Diet: Immediately begin a special cleansing diet avoiding especially coffee, Indian tea, cola drinks, cocoa and chocolate, alcohol, and all pain-killing drugs; try Bidor 5% (Weleda) instead, and feverfew tablets or tea. Use home-made lemon barley water recipe to boost your alkali reserve. It will take you six months to two years to get right but your health improves all along the way.

2. Identify the cause: If attacks continue despite your diet, look for a particular irritant such as heavy thrush infection, or some other food you are sensitive or allergic to and have overlooked; check for it by exclusion tests, then avoid it.

3. Address jaw problems: Some migraine sufferers turn out to have severe problems with the muscles around their jaws. A dentist familiar with this problem can help by providing a splint to correct the discomfort.

4. Negative electricity helps.

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