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Your female fertility comes to an end as your ovaries cease to function, over a period of months or years sometime during your fifth or sixth decade of life. You may scarcely notice it, or suffer miserably for months at a time. Because of the strong subjective content of the symptoms, male doctors are inclined to underestimate their true importance; they are often simply put down to nerves or tension.

This disturbance evidently arises from wild fluctuations in the complex pattern of steroid chemicals involved with making oestrogen (woman-hormone). Prolonged pressure from oestrogen-like chemical pollutants in your environment makes matters much worse, and tends to shut down prematurely your monthly production of progesterone (pregnancy-hormone). Indeed, the idea is gaining ground that it is progesterone (and not oestrogen) deficiency that causes the problems of the menopause.

Once menopause is over, your outlook for two categories of degenerative disease — arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis — increases to an unwelcome degree. Actually, however, the decline in bone strength starts earlier for most people, more in tune with the progesterone lack. These changes are not inevitable and you can take advantage of the best in traditional foods and modern knowledge to postpone these ageing processes.

Customary medical treatment with artificial oestrogen supplements is seldom wise, except sometimes after surgery. It makes you more vulnerable to high blood pressure, coronary or stroke from inappropriate blood clotting, and cancer of your womb or breast. By this time the risk of these catastrophes is much greater than it is for younger women on the contraceptive pill.

What can I do?

Advice to maintain and maximise health

1. If your hot flushes are severe and frequent, fast for up to two days, taking only fruit juices and home-made Lemon Barley Water recipe. Then start on the diet for health avoiding meat and poultry; this may contain residues of steroid growth promoters which would upset your condition further. Coffee, tea, smoking and alcohol are all likely to aggravate your symptoms.

2. Supplements:Take 100-150 I.U. Bionatured Vitamin E with two 200mg bionatured Vitamin C and four tablets of bionatured Magnesium 45mg supplements, each day for a week (can split to take in two sessions during the day). Half the Vitamin E and magnesium dosage after the hot flushes have disappeared, which should be within a week. Continue at this level for several weeks at a time, resuming if the flushes return.

3. Stabilize your circulation by finishing every hot bath with thirty seconds of cold water. At other times brush your skin all over vigorously instead using a dry loofa or soft brush. Do one or the other twice each day.

4. Hypoglycaemia sometimes plays a part in menopausal symptoms; work on this too if the above measures fail.

5. Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) tends to normalize unbalanced or stressed metabolism but is a more expensive approach. Panax ginseng is a good second best; buy the red roots and prepare them without heat.

6. Discuss with your doctor the possibility of using progesterone in small supplementary doses. This requires a medical prescription.

7. There are several homoeopathic preparations that may help you. Try for yourself Ignatia 3 six hourly, Sepia 6 six hourly, and Graphites 30 four hourly. Take each for three consecutive days, and pause for the rest of the week before trying the next. Consult a homoeopathic practitioner for further advice, taking with you a note of what you have tried.

8. A Medical Herbalist or Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner may be able to help you further if all these measures fail.

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