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What and Why?

Every home needs a medicine chest but choosing a drug worries a lot of people in case it has an adverse effect or interferes with some other medicine they are already taking. The remedies in this leaflet are chosen to overcome this problem. Not only are they harmless in themselves, but you can be sure that they will not interfere with anything your doctor has prescribed. What is more, you may find that using these first helps you escape the need to visit the doctor at all.


A herbal ointment that is well worth trying for any bruise or sprain in which the skin has not been broken. The homoeopathic tablets provide a useful first aid after any injury or shock. Remember to take the usual precautions for homoeopathic doses.


The anthroposophic remedy for tension headache and migraine, manufactured by Weleda (UK) Ltd. and available without prescription from stockists of Weleda products.

Calendula Ointment

This is a handy dressing for any clean wound or ulcer. It speeds up the process of forming new skin, making infection or complication less likely. If you use a dressing select a non-stick type, or each time you change it you risk tearing off the new skin.


This fleshy plant grows easily in a garden, or is available as tea, ointment, oil or tablets. These contain allantoin which speeds up the healing work of your white blood cells. Comfrey quickens healing of any wound or injury, but take care about the following points:-

  • before you use comfrey get the wound properly cleaned, stitched or manipulated into place, or it may heal in the wrong position;
  • white blood cells need lots of Vitamin C, so take some extra with comfrey;
  • chronic conditions: although tea and fresh leaves of comfrey are safe, tablets are made of the root which contains tiny traces of substances which could theoretically accumulate harmfully over many years if consumed freely. Limit your use of tablets therefore — a few months regularly per year from middle life onwards seems quite safe.


An anthroposophical remedy for dermatitis and eczema which may save you from regular reliance on steroid creams or ointments.


Available as tea, tablets or in homoeopathic form, this herb has a reputation for preventing and dealing with migraine and tension headache.


Another anthroposophical preparation available from Weleda stockists. Often useful in nervous tension and anxiety.

Garlic Lozenge

Helps to prevent colds and relieve sore throats, catarrh or chronic bronchitis. Take one clove of fresh raw garlic, complete with its dry outer skins, and place it in your cheek for two hours night and morning. Don’t bruise it or chew it.

Honey Cider Vinegar

An excellent mineral supplement and tonic that substitutes well for coffee or tea if you have been told to cut down on these. Mix one dessertspoonful each of organic cider vinegar and good local honey, and make it up to one mugful with freshly boiled water.

Lemon Balm Tea

An excellent bed-time drink if you are regularly unable to sleep. Brew a heaped teaspoon of dried herb (or three sprigs of fresh herb, finely chopped) for three minutes in a breakfast cup or mug of water.

Lemon Barley Water

This home-brew is much more effective than commercial cordial in fever and cystitis or during recovery from sickness or diarrhoea. Cover 2oz (50gm) pearled barley with cold water in pan, bring to boil. Strain off water, which is gelatinous and undrinkable. Add instead 1 pint(500ml) freshly boiled water, stir and leave to steep and cool for 1-2 minutes. Strain off and keep barley water.

Add lemon juice or Vitamin C crystals until it is just sour. Flavour with honey if necessary.

Red Sage Tea

A brew made from a generous teaspoonful of dried red sage in a breakfast cupful of boiled water makes an excellent gargle for a sore throat. Ordinary sage is almost as good.

Vitamin C

One of the few nutrients that is worth supplementing at 1000 — 2000mg daily: for its effects on colds, skin health, blood vessels, mineral absorbtion and general tissue cleansing.

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