What and Why?

You need electricity to run your body, as well as your domestic appliances. Everybody nowadays, no matter how you live, is exposed to much more electricity than has ever been possible before. Since we began to explore it, less than a century ago, it has become the dominant energy medium of civilization. Whatever we may do about chemical pollution and energy conservation can only reinforce our dependence on electronic energy.

Electrical energy comes in various forms. The flow of electric current through a wire is the least important of these, though it can cause the most troublesome kind of burn. The magnetic field that is generated around any electrical current has more biological significance, but is not new; birds and large sea creatures have for millions of years navigated during their seasonal migrations by the earth’s magnetic field. Static electrical charge is familiar in nature too, most dramatically as electrical storms; but any flowing or agitated water generates static in the air above it which has a tonic effect on the creatures breathing it — hence the appeal of mountains and seaside for convalescence. It appears that a surplus of negative charge, attached to molecules of gas in the air we breathe, is positively good for us.

The invention of alternating current is what made oscillating high-energy magnetic fields and electro-magnetic radiation possible, at intensities far beyond what animals and people have been used to. Micro-wavelengths have increased most significantly, as the medium of radar, television broadcasting and cellular telephone networks. Since living things of all kinds have electrical field activity too, we are beginning to realize that electro-magnetic pollution must be taken seriously.

Your body fields extend well outside your skin and interact with a full spectrum of magnetic, electrical and radio fields generated for all kinds of purposes by a wide range of authorities and businesses. This interaction inevitably distorts the shape and energy of your own output, which must alter your wellbeing in some way, however subtly.

High-tension power cables, for instance, distort the electro-magnetic fields in the nearby landscape. People in various parts of Britain seem to have been made irritable and unwell by these, in ways that are impossible to substantiate by conventional medical means. But Dr Jean Monro, in collaboration with electrical engineers from Salford University, has been able to show that some of her very allergic patients are affected badly by electricity, with typical allergy symptoms in response to fields from ordinary domestic electronic appliances, turned on without the subject’s knowledge.

Accidents with radars during the Second World War showed that micro-waves can heat flesh enough to burn it. Parts of your brain may be especially susceptible, since hyperactivity, muscle weakness and marked tiredness have been observed in people who work with micro-waves.

Unfortunately, modern dietary and lifestyle trends are working against each other. Vegetation contains considerable quantities of Germanium, which is a semi-conductor metal used in the electronic industry, and probably in humans too, to generate electronic energy. Humans who become more reliant on meat foods may be consuming too little Germanium to generate their own electronic fields, and to combat the adverse effects that outside electronic fields can have on them. Smoking, fan heaters and air conditioning, television screens and electronic strip lighting all heap burdens on us that we are becoming less well equipped to deal with.

Some people do seem to fight back, however. Matthew Manning, a world-famous healer, was first renowned for the way he had of making electronic equipment break down. Other less favoured individuals have been banished like lepers from electronic workplaces because their presence disturbs the machinery. We probably all have a little of this rebellious nature — but like Matthew Manning, we need to control it.


What can I do?

Advice to maximise and maintain health

1. Ventilate your rooms naturally from the freshest outside air available. Use natural furnishing fabrics and carpets. Avoid aerosol spray-cans and smoke; extract kitchen fumes efficiently to the outside. These measures maintain the natural electronic charge. House-plants and indoor fountains positively reinforce it, keeping the air you breathe electronically alive.

2. Unplug appliances: Radiators and fan heaters, air conditioning, tube lighting, televisions and VDUs all leak the charge near them away to the earth. Unplug them when they are not in use, and look for substitutes.

3. Ionizers can recharge and clean the air in rooms deprived of good natural ventilation. Clear your bedroom of electrical equipment and artificial fabric furnishings, then run an ionizer in it continuously, night and day. This may help you cope with headache, migraine or other symptoms that are worse in electronically dead air.

4. If you use a micro-wave cooker be sure that its door seals effectively, and get any damage to the door or its seating attended to before you use the appliance again. A leaky door will allow micro-waves to circulate in your kitchen, which may affect its occupants. We do not yet know enough about the biological effects of these particular micro-wave frequencies, but an undamaged and well-made appliance of approved design is likely, from this point of view, to be quite safe when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Be conscious of your use of electronic equipment. Your own mental activity generates electronic waves which mingle with those of the equipment. You can interfere with it, or help it along. Your electronic immunity is, just like your glandular immunity, based on mutually respectful relations with other "beings’. Don’t get mad with it: learn to understand it, especially if you rely heavily on what it can do for you.

6. Medion Ltd and Mountain Breeze have for many years manufactured ranges of ionizers for various uses from the car or desk top to the full scale public concourse or office. When choosing equipment ask your Health Retailer’s recommendation and if possible obtain a trial on approval before committing yourself. Even if it functions perfectly, it may not solve your particular problem.

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