What and Why?

Your personal integrity is maintained by the constant wilful effort of your primal adaptive system which motivates your immunity. This unifies the separate efforts of all the cells in your own body and sets you up in mutual respect with all other living things around you.

This is a highly dynamic function, like a juggler keeping all his clubs in the air at once. It can be upset by anything that distracts your attention, dashes your hopes, injures or poisons your primal adaptive organs, undermines their motivation or starves their lines of supply. Your self-maintenance then breaks down in some degree; you resist stress less well, microbes infect you more easily and your authority over everything in your body is weakened.

Oestrogen dominance, created by pesticide residues, the pill or prolonged HRT, and the plastics used for soft drinks bottles, can predispose women in particular to cancerous changes in the organs of reproduction — breasts, ovaries and womb. Mistakes of cell division conspire with chemical pollution and radiation damage to produce a small proportion of new repair cells that are deformed or lack self-discipline. Normally you destroy every one of these immediately, but a few may pass unnoticed when your system is upset. The unruly cells then get a chance to multiply into an outlaw tissue that grows more or less aggressively according to its type. This cancerous growth will continue to prosper as long as its causes are unrelieved. These causes may operate at any level of your being:

  • Body: pollution, injury or nutritional imbalance that deprives your immune system of essential resources;
  • Emotions: unrequited yearnings, unexpressed passions, unresolved anger, shock or grief;
  • Self esteem: failure to love yourself as well as you love others, or to claim sufficient space and time to live your own particular life;
  • Life purpose: having no purpose enough to animate the whole of your life.

Medical treatment generally aims to destroy the growth. Sometimes it succeeds, at least for a time; often you can make use of what it offers, along with other more constructive things. But to stop your growth coming back, you must correct its cause as well. This is sometimes hard work, if it involves changing the personal outlook of a lifetime. Sometimes, however, it is so simple you wonder why nobody ever mentioned it to you before.

It is very unlikely you will ever reach the point when your medical advisers know you are beyond danger, and feel able to congratulate you for it. Much more likely they will gradually lengthen the interval between your clinic visits, and confine themselves to pronouncing the ‘all clear’ each time. The unwritten verdict is ‘OK— so far’.

You, on the other hand, may at some stage become aware instinctively that you have surfaced through all the difficulties and are in total command of yourself again. Only this time, you know what it is like not to be!

If that moment never seems to come, do not give up on yourself. You are never beyond healing while you are still alive, even if your cancer has weakened you too far to be "cured’in the physical sense. You will succeed, at the very least, in prolonging your survival and improving the quality of your life that remains. If it proves necessary and inevitable, you will come — step by step and without fear — to engage with the positive process of dying with dignity, your wellbeing intact to the end.

What can I do?

1. Cancer is above all a disease to prevent. Once a growth is big enough to diagnose it is already months or years old; by then it has already begun to undermine the reserves you need to draw on to get well.

2. Therefore make it a practice consciously to review each level of your being from time to time, in a periodic overhaul of your life process. This habit can make New Year resolutions worthwhile and meaningful. Do it together, within your marriage or partnership.

3. Restore your body with a healthy diet including fresh live food daily, and supplemented with food-state or bionatured Vitamin C, beta carotene and selenium at least. If your resistance to other diseases is low supplement your immunity well.

4. If your feelings are regularly at odds with your reason sort this out — you cannot afford to put up with nerves or stress disease. You may need the help of the clinical psychologist based at your local hospital, otherwise a voluntary or private counsellor, or teacher of relaxation or yoga; but a confidential friend or relative may be all the help you need.

5. Make sure that you esteem yourself highly enough to receive a fair share of love, time and attention. You can be too unselfish. If you are constantly deferring to the needs of others, have some changes made.

6. Think about the meaning and purpose of life. Too few people do, or else assume it has none. Whether or not you wish to recognize a supreme life principle in nature, you absolutely require a purpose and value system of your own. Ambition is shallow and temporary. Once you are clear about your personal moral code, review it regularly as further experience of life deepens your insight.

7. For cancer, go on a supplemented cleansing diet whatever else you do. Surgery and radiotherapy can be skilfully focused and certainly have their place, saving you lots of hard healing work you may be too ill for. But cytotoxic drug treatment usually harms your immune system along with your tumour. You will have to think very carefully about that. 

This is one of the few direct clashes between conventional and new approaches to cancer; otherwise they are genuinely complementary.

8. BACUP (3 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3JR tel. 0808-800-12343) will help you to work with the established medical system; New Approaches to Cancer (St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey) can put you in touch with additional complementary options and doctors who take both approaches into account. Contact both and make your choice.

9. Once your immediate treatment has been completed, continue to take the food-state or bionatured anti-oxidants (3 above) for about a year. Take enough betacarotene, as foods with yellow, orange or deep green colours plus the supplements, to keep your skin just faintly lemon yellow. Betacarotene kills cancer cells, and the amount you need for that will vary: a little left over to tan your skin means you are getting enough. If you find you gradually need less and less to achieve this, take that as a sign that the amount of cancer in your body is shrinking — good news!

10. Once you feel confident of your recovery you can reduce your supplement to two tablets daily of the bionatured replete formula, which combines all the other factors in one tablet.

11. Never, on any account, abandon the good diet with ample fresh, organic food recommended here. All long-term cancer survivors have been faithful in their eating habits, whatever else.

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