If you are underweight, it is not for lack of opportunity to eat. Even if you only managed to offset the overweight tendency enough to keep slim, people would envy your will-power; that you can defy the trend altogether and stay unnaturally thin indicates something much more powerful at work in your nature. So do not expect a simple solution to your problem.

If you were anorexic you would not be reading this, but you may wish to help someone who is. Common manifestations of anorexia include:

  • Believing to be overweight, avoiding food to become slimmer.
  • Running on nerves, feeling full of energy and really high.
  • Difficulty accepting that the individual is burning themself out, exhaustion occurs within a few months.
  • The loss of ability to conserve themself, spending the capital of their body.

The problem is a serious failure of personal immunity. One common deficiency is easy to put right: hidden doses of zinc supplement solution, if needed, are unnoticeable. A wide range of other minerals may be required, essential fatty acids and vitamins before they come to their senses. Until then just let your loving care show; persuasion and worry are usually ineffective. If you have always been underweight, your growth may have been delayed as a fetus in a way too subtle to produce an obvious birth defect, just at the stage when the cells of your metabolic organs were multiplying. If they failed to reach adequate numbers in the time available, the power rating or capacity of those organs is permanently reduced, limiting your growth and stamina to less than your original potential. If that seems likely you can only accept it, and cherish fully what you have. Be careful about pregnancy: good preparation is essential, well beforehand. The commonest reason for being chronically underweight arises from the way you habitually react to stress. Most people are eventually subdued by it, with their nervous systems unbalanced into a submissive mood highly conducive to digestion; this helps to explain how their over-eating tendency begins. Difficulties in life evidently do not dishearten or slow you down. On the contrary, they arouse you to work harder at solving them. That puts your nervous system in a more anxious, active mood — geared up as if to run away from or fight an assailant, in a more primitive world. This mood is quite incompatible with digestion, so while it lasts you are disinclined to eat. Meanwhile you fret about finding things to do, spending much more energy than other people. So long as you act purposefully and get some respite occasionally you will get more done than they, and succeed better generally; but you may wish you could trade your worrying temperament for their care-free nature. Prolonged challenges give you a difficult and dangerous time. You never feel free to relax and enjoy yourself, and may go on until you eventually collapse exhausted. Quite a number of students get into difficulties of this kind, faced for the first time with a sustained challenge to cope with on their own. Some young women who become anorexic probably start this way. In both these cases, exceptional circumstances expose a weakness in your otherwise successful and perfectly viable temperament.Not only will pregnancy be a difficult time for you; it may prove quite difficult to conceive in the first place. Once fully mature, your system only settles into pregnancy when your mood is prosperously at ease. You have probably postponed your family until you are established in life, by which time this protective mechanism is fully operational. Technical investigations will not help you, and may increase your anxiety. Try a completely different approach for at least a year before going near a gynaecologist. It requires that you act quite out of your usual character. Recognise your nature and the secure establishment you have achieved by it, and set about enjoying their fruits for a while. You may need to give up work, and actually learn to rest, relax, and re-create yourself. Get involved with your nieces and nephews, and other people’s babies. Take your talent for love-making as seriously as you used to take your work. Your emotional warmth will strengthen and come into balance with your highly developed physical and intellectual powers, enabling your reproductive organs to get a look in. 

What can I do?

Advice to maintain and maximise health

1. Zinc supplementation is the most important single item. Ask the chemist to make up for you 6.6 grams of Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate in 500mls of water. A teaspoon of this (5ml) provides 15mg of zinc which should be ample. One daily dose of this in any watery drink or juice will not be easy to detect, and may on its own have dramatic results.

2. Once the victim has turned the corner and wants to regain weight, 15mg daily of zinc in food-state formulation makes a better supplement; add to the zinc supplement two food-state Multimineral tablets daily to guarantee a generous half of her daily requirements of the other essential nutrient minerals. A high potency Vitamin B Complex would be an advantage.

3. Diet starts with fresh raw fruit and generous helpings of muesli, but should quickly expand to include salads of the freshest garden produce you can get — buy ’organic’ quality goods if you rely on shops and wholefood stores. While rebuilding flesh, the best ingredients are best! Fresh free-range eggs and fresh deep sea fish (mackerel and cod) or roe are valuable additions when they can be coped with.

4. Anyone who does not respond to this may have overdriven their thyroid gland to the point where it is now overdriving them.  Professional help of an experienced homeopathic doctor is needed, who can treat this condition gently, without surgery or destructive medication.

5. Another important cause of anorexia, usually in an older person and more often male, is early stomach cancer or ulcer. Both need proper medical assessment followed by surgery if necessary. You can do a lot for yourself to prepare for this and to consolidate your recovery. If you think this may apply to you, act now.

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