About The Dispensary

Inform, Connect, Act, Heal

At the Dispensary you can  find out about, access, connect with, take back responsibility for your health in its broadest sense.  There is information about events, workshops, concerts too. In our local Dispensary we have our own programme of events, exploring futurehealth.

A Community Interest  Company

The Dispensary is a Community Interest Company. It is a not for profit company being developed in the communities interest. 

The Dispensary Dividend

Everyone who registers with The Dispensary can get a Dispensary Dividend Card or number (if you live outside Whitby) which enables you to earn 5% credit on every purchase you make online or in our shop. 

You can redeem this credit back against future purchases - so why not make use of it regularly to give yourself some money off.  Or, save your Dividends over time and treat yourself once in a while!

Register Today

Registering will enable you to interact with other users on our website, via the discussion areas.  You can also add your business or social group to our Directory from your account, and register your Dispensary Dividend Card to start earning points on your purchases.


Explore yourself and with others your thoughts and ideas about health in the future, society in the future, work and economy in the future and our culture and spiritual values in the future.


Connect directly with groups and initiatives that express your needs through our health directory, social directory, work and economy directory and our cultural/spiritual directory


Take action, take back responsibility, get involved with initiatives which fulfil your need to express yourself socially, at work and culturally and spiritually.


Visit our library of health issues, natural therapies, complemen- tary practitioners and clinics and natural health products. Find what works for you.