Inside our Shop

Coffee and Connections 

Drop in for a cup of fresh coffee or tea (including herb tea) and find out what we are about .

Community Interest

We are a community interest company . Whilst we need to be sustainable all profits go back into developing the business in the community interest.


Our community focus is futurehealth, that is health in every sense, socially, economically, culturally as well as physically.

What's in the Shop

The shop itself is a place where you can find out how to treat health issues naturally and of course buy natural health products you can trust.

But you can also explore and connect with other aspects of futurehealth i.e. your economic and environmental health, your social and political health and your cultural and spiritual health. 

We are developing a range of projects related to all aspects of futurehealth and in the autumn will putting on a programme of talks and workshops to explore these with you. 

Reporters Please 

We are looking for reporters for our online newspaper  REMEDIES  send us your stories, reports, videos , photos which touch all aspects of futurehealth.