Campaign for Real Care

The real family-centred and integrated social, economic and cultural care provided by Botton Village is under threat from a regulatory system that does not properly understand its ethos, values or purpose.

Over the last 2 years Camphill Communities have faced a number of challenges to the integrity of their approach primarily from the Care Quality Commission who have very naturally approached their regulatory task within the strict context of the Quality model developed in response to state provision.  Key elements have been promotion of systems of safeguarding, choice and redress.


Aims of the Campaign for Real Care

  • To continue encouraging expressions of friendship and support for the ethos and values of Camphill in general and Botton Village in particular. We aim to collect 10,000 Pledges of Friendship and Support by Easter Sunday 2012.
  • To publish information about the specific difficulties facing Botton Village as well as articles and opinions from all sides from those who propose solutions.
  • To build a library of information in all mediums about the Threefold Social Order, Camphill and allied initiatives.


To find out more and pledge your support for the campaign visit www.campaignforrealcare.com

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