Update from Action for Botton - injunction and legal action

Update from Action for Botton

Message from Action for Botton:

"Dear Friends, we imagine that many of you out there were awaiting the outcome of yesterday's first meeting in High Court with anticipation. This is in the second case regarding the Charity objects and membership issues (the first case brought by villagers themselves is regarding their human rights and has already led to an injunction last week telling CVT to stop all changes to their homes).

The first hearing in the second case yesterday led to a decision to maintain the status quo until the 31st March when the court has set aside a full day to decide whether to grant long term injunctions lasting until the final hearing. This is good, as it means there will be a pause from last-minute enforced changes to the homes in Botton.

In summary, we are arguing that Camphill is about living together as described in the CVT founding document (the Memorandum), based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner and applied by Karl Koenig, and not merely about providing social care and support. We also argue that the voting membership of a charity must not be preselected based on the political views of its leaders. We have substantial legal opinions and a strong legal team to support these claims brought by 23 claimants associated with the three communities Botton, Delrow and The Grange. We are committed not only to Camphill values and a popular way of living together but also to offering contemporaneous and legally compliant care, support and homes.

In the meantime, we appeal to you to help us reach our fundraising goal of 250,000 pounds - we are over two thirds there but we need your urgent help now so we can make it all the way. Read more on our home page, www.actionforbotton.org/home

Please donate now! Thank you from us all."

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