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We felt moved to share the following fundraising appeal letter with you, The Dispensary has a close connection with Botton Village and has been very involved in supporting Action for Botton, please help if you can, visit 

http://www.actionforbotton.org/ to donate or for more information on how you can help, thank you....

Candlemas, 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters across the Camphill Movement,

For over three years, a state of conflict has existed between the Camphill Village Trust (CVT) in the UK, and its co-worker led communities. Many of you have been following events as they unfolded with deep concern, as the ramifications clearly stretch far beyond the three communities directly affected (Botton, The Grange & Delrow). The outcome of this crisis in the CVT will almost certainly impact on the entire Camphill Movement. There have been many twists and turns in this story, most recently a mediation process instigated by Marjatta van Boeschoten of the Anthroposophical Society (GB) and led by Fritz Glasl. However, instead of the hoped for breakthrough, these talks served only to underline the unshakeable determination of the charity’s executive to continue their strategy of removing the vocational co-workers and dismantling the life-sharing model by the beginning of April 2015. Indeed, many of you will have seen the leaked ‘Property Consolidation Strategy’ for Botton, which CVT was working on at the same time as they were claiming to be engaged with the three communities in good faith in the mediated dialogue. The document sets out plans to:

 secure empty properties against the co-workers

 move 30-40 vulnerable adults at short notice out of their homes currently shared with co-workers

 put them in a small number of houses of 10+ residents, supported by shift-working staff

 issue almost 40 co-workers and 15 dependent children with eviction notices

 provide council housing advisors to assist those to be made homeless (many of whom have lived for decades in the community)

We regard this as the final, decisive proof that our only option to halt CVT’s strategy is now urgent legal action. Over recent months, Alliance for Camphill (a campaigning group uniting the three communities) and Action for Botton have been gathering a considerable and impressive range of legal advice on the issues. We have constructed a strong case against CVT to take to the courts. We believe CVT’s iron determination to press ahead regardless represents their belief that we will not be able to assemble the considerable funds necessary to undertake proceedings in the few weeks we still have available to us. However, we have been repeatedly astonished at the strength and scale of the help coming towards us from people across the world who believe we are fighting for something that really matters. We need to raise at least £250,000. We believe that goal is within our grasp if our friends and supporters respond with the generosity they have shown to date. We are attaching a document, which attempts to answer questions you might have about this appeal. We are calling on any Camphill communities, regions, and sympathetic private individuals to urgently consider a donation. Donations both large and small are welcomed. Any donations over £5000 may be refunded if not eventually required or pro rata. Time is desperately short, with CVT actions to dismantle these communities taking place on a daily basis.

We would beg you to give this your urgent attention.

Yours Fraternally, Botton Co-workers Alliance for Camphill Action for Botton

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