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Stokesley Osteopathic Clinic

Osteopathy, Stokelsey

Sue McCrea

Medical Herbalist, Rugby and West Hallam

T. Cullen D.O, G.Os.C

Osteopathy, Scarborough.

Tasha Jade Yoga

Tasha Jade Yoga 

Teaches beginners Ashtanga Yoga.  The aim is to spread awareness of yoga through the body, mind and senses. 

Why choose us? Its about you! 

Yes that's right . We do not promote the perfect asana but the perfect asana for you.

Letting go of the ego and embracing your inner soul. making sure you feel relaxed , content and letting go in the moment. 



The Apothecary

Herbal medicine

Thierry Clerc

Thierry grew up in an environment where natural healing was the norm. For example, homeopathy is very popular in France. It is widely provided under the French public health system and homeopathic remedies are available in every pharmacy.

However, his interest in homeopathy and nutritional therapies kick-started when he developed a severe form of arthritis that almost crippled him. At that time he was enjoying a successful career in technology management.

Following a successful holistic treatment in France, he changed his career. Since then, he has helped hundreds of people achieve optimal health with a purely natural approach.

Thierry is qualified in homeopathy, herbal therapy and nutrition. He brings scientific rigour and care to the healing process. He is a regular speaker in and around Cambridge, and also a health writer for several health magazines.



Homeopathy, Nutrition and Allergy Consulting in Cambridge

Think Indigo

Aromatherapy, Scarborough

Tracey Coulthard

Licensed and Registered Homeopath and Kinesiologist.  Dedicated to improving your Health and Wellbeing. Endeavouring to do so at affordable prices

Tracy Land