What is Biomusica?

Biomusica is a branch of music therapy. When we say music therapy, we are really giving a new name to a science which is as old as humanity itself. From ancient times people have considered certain sounds to have healing properties. This led film and theatre composer & researcher Mario Corradini to develop Biomusica. Drawing on his knowledge of sound, music, yoga, thai chi and games he developed the group based practice Biomusica which explores the effect of sound and music on the human body and emotions, for the purpose of general well being but also with the intention of developing other aspects of health such as improved concentration & coordination, less stress and more relaxation.

A Biomusica session is split into 3 parts:

First, we play games, because, as George Bernard Shaw said " We don't stop playing games because we get old, we get old because we stop playing games."
We play games for many different reasons, including to reduce tension, improve coordination & cooperation and relax in an active way.
Second, we do specific exercises to cleanse the body, distribute energy to specific areas ( we work on a different system of the body in each session, such as the digestive or circulatory system) and then balance the body.
Third, we eat together, reflect and chat.

The Dispensary is hosting a series of Biomusica sessions, for more info see 


For more info about Biomusica see


You can watch a short video on Biomusica below:

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