The Roast from the Coast! Ethically sourced, locally roasted & blended coffee at The Dispensary

The roast from the coast!

Baytown Coffee Company 

The Baytown Coffee Company roasts and blends a range of ethically sourced high-grade coffees. Based just outside of Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire, the company roasts weekly to ensure its customers enjoy the freshest, most delicious coffee possible. The Baytown Coffee team believes in fairness, traceability and sustainability. But above all, it believes in quality… and making great coffee accessible to all.

Baytown coffee company is passionate about fair and traceable coffee. That's why they source directly from growers and work with importers who are as committed as they are to coffee that can be traced back to the producers. A traceable supply chain is crucial to how they work – it’s how they ensure that the people putting in the hard work at the start of the process are paid well above the fair trade minimums.

We now stock these delicious coffees at our shop at 6 Hunter Street, Whitby. YO21 3DA, or you can shop at our online Health Store 


The coffees 

The Bolts. A premium espresso, this coffee is a blend of Brazil Santos, Colombia Supreme and Costa Rica La Pastora beans. Baytown has perfected a wonderful balance of dark and medium roasts to bring out the rich chocolate and cherry flavours. The Bolts captures everything we could ever imagine wanting from an espresso - a powerful, beautifully balanced brew.
Boggle Hole. This is Baytown’s deepest, darkest blend. It’s a seriously smooth, very darkly roasted blend of Brazil Santos and Colombia Supreme. Traditionally, it might be described as an after dinner coffee. We also think its big and intense enough to be an incredible breakfast coffee, too.
Albion Street. Some coffee lovers claim there’s no better way to brew than with a filter. Albion Street is blended specifically for this method – though it works very well in a cafetière, too. It’s a blend of Brazil Santos and Costa Rica La Pastora, roasted dark and medium to achieve delicious mellow ripe cherry tones.
Ness Point. One of the Baytown team can’t take his caffeine. And the rest of them didn’t want him to miss out on the coffee goodness – which is why they developed Ness Point, their unbeatable decaffeinated coffee. It is a chemical-free CO2-processed, darkly roasted Colombian Arabica, with a deep, mellow flavour.


Use your Dispensary dividend and earn 5% on any purchase

All coffees are available in 250g bags of coffee beans or burr ground coffee costing  £4.50 and if you're a member of The Dispensary you earn 5% dividend on anything you buy which can be redeemed on future purchases.

It's free to join The Dispensary, just visit our website www.thedispensary.org.uk and click the join button on the home page, then follow the instructions, or call into our shop at 6 Hunter Street, Whitby and we'll sign you up!

Remember, if your postcode begins with YO21 or YO22 and your order exceeds £15, we can deliver to you for free.

Buy locally ...

You'll be supporting our not for profit community interest company (The Dispensary) which aims to help you explore health in every sense and supporting a new local company (Baytown Coffee) that prides itself on moral responsibility both in our local community and in the communities where the coffee is produced.

For more info about Baytown coffee please visit baytowncoffeecompany.com


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