Head Over Heels?

Head Over Heels?

These days there are so many alternative therapies on offer it can be confusing which to choose. Well just as we go to a doctor for some medicine we don’t know if it’s right for us until we try it! For something different have you considered Hopi Ear Candles? Yes that’s right candles but not the sort you use at Christmas! These candles are made from cotton, bees wax and contain only natural ingredients.  But how do they work?

The candle is gently placed in the outer ear and lit at the top, the warmed vapours not only work on the ear itself but are breathed into the respiratory system and are carried round to various organs, cells and tissuesand helps the immune system to defend the body more efficiently. When the candles flame reaches the safety line, it is extinguished, allowing what remains in the candle to cool and reveal the condition of the ear. This is followed by a facial massage which enhances the therapeutic effects of the candles as well as eliminating toxins and relaxing the client, however, this is optional.

Another therapy, Thai Foot massage is similar to reflexology concentrating on pressure points and energy lines but instead of using just thumbs, both hands and a wooden massage tool are incorporated. This treatment also helps the immune system by detoxifying and strengthening it. Also by working on the pressure points blocked energy can be released allowing healing to take place and help relieve the body of pain – so a good all round treatment really! Although both therapies help a variety of conditions, both help the immune system.

So going back to the question of which to choose, well it depends really on which you prefer ‘Head’ (Hopi Ear Candles) over ‘Heals’ (Thai Foot Massage) Or vice versa well that’s for you to discover!

Nicola Jordan Therapeutix

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