Soul Readings with Julie Jurgan

Soul Readings at The Dispensary Friday 21st November 2 - 5 p.m. with Julie Jurgan

A Soul Reading is about receiving spiritual guidance to find your true potential, release blockages, raise your awareness and help you to understand obstacles in your life and how to overcome them. 
In this One-to-One Session Julie will work on a psychic as well as a mediumistic level.
This is necessary, as sometimes the answer we are seeking for is already stored within ourselves, but we are not able to see it clearly enough. In addition to that, it is possible, that the spiritual world wants to tune in and offer their support and guidance for your empowerment.
A Soul Reading lasts for about 30 min and is £ 30. Please get in touch to book your appointment or if you have any further questions.
Spiritual Medium Julie Jurgan: 0750 - 6032301

Spiritual Medium - Julie Jurgan
(by Julie Jurgan)

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