Introducing The Dispensary Team

We're fast approaching the launch of our shop at 6 Hunter Street in Whitby and thought it was time to introduce the team behind the scenes of The Dispensary!

James Fearnley - Director and creator of The Dispensary concept. He's the guy who's been dreaming up this project for over a decade, having been involved in the natural medicine business for more than 25 years.

Joanna Calvert is the Health Co-ordinator, who's been working on researching and developing the online directories and medical databases for the last few months. She's the friendly face you'll find behind the door at 6 Hunter Street.

Lucy Kaya is our Cultural Co-ordinator. Having already organised a film screening event and a Georgian Polyphonic Singing workshop, she is a screenwriter who has previously written for an award winning feature film.

Jack Barber - our Web developer who's more than a web developer. Quite literally the 'Jack' of all trades, he has helped with all things technology, design work, filming, photography and has also helped investigate upcoming economic projects.

Mike Harding, our hard-working designer, is responsible for the visuals you see associated with The Dispensary. He's managed to translate all our complicated ideas into stunning design.

From Left to Right: Joanna, Jack, James and Lucy outside The Dispensary shop.

It won't be long before the launch, but in the meantime, why not follow our progress on Twitter or Facebook?

The Dispensary Team

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