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Inform, Connect, Act, Heal

At the Dispensary you can find out about, access, connect with, take back responsibility for your health in its broadest sense.  There is information about events, workshops, concerts too. In our local Dispensary we have our own programme of events, exploring futurehealth.

A Community Interest  Company

The Dispensary is a Community Interest Company. It is a not for profit company being developed completely in the communities interest. 

The Dispensary Dividend

Everyone who registers with The Dispensary can get a Dispensary Dividend Card or number (if you live outside Whitby) which enables you to earn 5% credit on every purchase you make online or in our shop. 

You can redeem this credit back against future purchases - so why not make use of it regularly to give yourself some money off.  Or, save your Dividends over time and treat yourself once in a while!

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Building the Future..

No one can predict the future. But you would have to be blind not to notice how the nature of our society and culture is changing in so many different ways, socially, economically and culturally. And it is changing everywhere.

The way we view our personal health, our work, the environment, art and spirituality are all changing, sometimes radically.

Looked at positively these changes illustrate mans ability to learn and adapt even if it is under pressure! That we need new economic and environmental pardigms seems obvious.

Cooperation and collaboration are now beginning to appear as credible alternatives to the competition and the chaos of the market. 

Cooperation and collaboration are key words too for the environment, for personal health and for society. Cooperation and collaboration are about rebuilding and repairing our association with each other, our body, our work and our cultural life, reintegrating them all into a more effective whole.

These are the building blocks of the future. Add your thoughts to this beginning and make a start where you are.


How to Connect..

As part of our ethos, we aim to connect users with the local community, enabling involvement which in the wider sense promotes personal wellbeing. We believe health is not only the absense of disease, but wellbeing in a wider sense:

  • Social Health 

Are my social needs and interests being nourished through my connections with others whether this is a mutual support group, sports group, or social group?

  • Economic and Environmental Health 

Are my economic and environmental needs being met in appropriately rewarding work and a positive environment?

  • Cultural and Spiritual Health 

Are my cultural and spiritual needs and interests being developed? Am I able to access relevant cultural, artistic and spiritual resources.

Navigate your way around to find out about groups within your local area.


Common Cause..

The Dispensary works to campaign to support causes and organisations which share our ethos. Current campaigns include:


Treat it Naturally..

Here at the Dispensary we try to make the breadth of natural medicine available to everyone. The Dispensary can be used as a central hub for all your natural health needs.

Health conditions and therapies database

We believe that being well informed is key for taking back responsibility for your own health. Therefore, our website houses a medical database of health conditions and therapies, written by GP Dr Peter Mansfield, director of Good Healthkeeping.

Online Practitioner and Clinics Directory

The website also houses an online directory of local practitioners and clinics, to best direct you to the therapist or service you require.

Natural Products

We have traded in natural medicine for 25 years and have the largest range of natural medicine products in the UK. We are wholly committed to producing evidence-based, sustainable medicines.

  • We are world leaders in propolis research and manufacture a variety of cutting edge medicines from the beehive designed to aid a wide range of common health complaints.

  • We also trade with professionals, you can find our practitioner catalogue at www.herbalapothecaryuk.com
You can view our online shop here: 


How to find us

Opening Times

We are open Monday - Saturday  9am - 5pm

Contact us

The Dispensary
6 Hunter Street
North Yorkshire
YO21 3DA

Telephone: (01947) 603456

Email: info@thedispensary.org.uk


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