Botton Village needs your support!

Come to Botton Village Open Day on Sunday 6th July & experience the wonderful & unique Botton Community, which is under threat.

 Did you know that the way of life at Botton may soon change?

So far Botton has been a community where people with different abilities (including people with learning disabilities and co workers) have lived and worked together for the benefit of each other.

The co workers have worked in a voluntary capacity. Botton was set up with one of the founding principles being that care and support should not be done for money as this changes the nature of that care or support. However, the co workers are now being told they must become employed or leave Botton. This would radically change the nature of the Botton community into one of employees and those being cared for.

Action for Botton

A new support group called “Action for Botton” has been formed by local people to rally support for Botton as an intentional community where care and support is built into community life and is not done for money.

For more information see www.actionforbotton.org  or email action@actionforbotton.org

Come to Botton Village Open Day on Sunday 6th July (11a.m. to 5p.m.) and show your support for a community under threat.


Botton Village



YO21 2NJ

Admission is free

Rail & Moorsbus travellers pick-up and drop-off at Danby Station at: 11.04, 11.54, 13.24, 14.34, 16.03, 17.13

Open Day attractions include:


  • Open hay-cart rides
  • stalls
  • side shows
  • Games & flying fox
  • Hand crafted products
  • Organic food and baking
  • Barbecue
  • Music

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